Never-Too-Late Life Lessons

Organize this.

Done not Perfect


There’s a sweet spot, isn’t there?

A sweet spot for answering emails, returning calls, cooking, cleaning, tidying and for this, for writing. I fear I’ve missed mine tonight. And normally, I’d just wait, then until tomorrow. But, you know what? For those with dreams and ambitions and ideas that flow more freely than gossip from US Weekly, tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow is a new idea and a new set of tasks.

So, if done really is better than perfect – then less than perfect, yet completely done this shall be.

After countless interruptions by my children and multiple pleas to my husband to help with said small people, I have read and/or listened to at least 6 books, found multiple hiding objects in another, watched a Youtube video about Minecraft, got snacks, ate snacks, yelled, pleaded and when it’s all said and done, I sit down – finally alone (sans the sound of my daughter wailing on the other side of the wall for her father who, sits oblivious on the other side of the house with tele up so loud he’d have a hard time hearing a nuclear blast) in the midst of complete and utter chaos and disorder to start a blog on….. wait for it…. organizing. Yeah, I fear I have missed my sweet spot. This will no doubt not be my best work. Fitting, I think and completely right. Really, I guess I shouldn’t have it any other way.

I mean, I’ve never been able to learn from the perfect. It’s nearly impossible. As a matter of fact, I think the only times I have mustered up a lesson from those whom never make a mistake is to remind myself that their behavior is a perfect model of what “not to do”. Those who refuse to admit their short comings lose out on so many life changing moments. My best 180’s came during or resulted directly from an enormous mistake. It’s sad really, to think that for those few, that could be it. I often wonder, when I am knee deep in a conversation with one of them, do they look around and think, “Well, I’ve nailed it. I got this down. I’ve learned everything.” or do they just act that way and truly feel another?

I believe that anyone at any time, should they so choose can do more, can become more. It is not a matter of geography, nor upbringing, nor religion, nor does it matter how many diplomas, degrees or titles one holds or does not. I truly believe that anyone can, should they so desire, become whatever it is that they want to become. So, if that is true then I can become better at navigating this new life of mine. And, so I will.